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John Findley, CRPC®

John Findley, CRPC®

Financial Planner

I began my career in the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company home office in Fort Wayne, IN in 1989.  I worked as a business analyst for our Retirement Plans Marketing Department.  I was a managing conduit between our business manufacturing group for Retirement Plans Marketing and our Information Systems programming group.  I moved to California to begin my Financial Planning Career in 1995 after a few years of consulting with our advisors throughout the nation.  

As the son of a minister, I found this was the greatest opportunity for me to help large number of clients reach their financial goals.  I joined our non-profit and hospital organization retirement planning group.  This group was founded on strong principles for character and culture and had proven long term results including an amazing group of senior leaders.  I was married and already had two young daughters when I moved to California.  I had great confidence that the business I was joining would allow for hard work to be rewarded and supported by the local management.  Later I was fortunate to have twin sons to round out the family.  

The opportunity to work with families from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds allowed me to meld into the wonderful melting pot we all know as the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was asked to help with clients Risk Management, Investment and Retirement Planning as well as Estate Planning Strategies.  Helping clients to understand the importance of long-term opportunities as well as taking action now was critical to getting them off to a good start toward goal-based planning.  With corporate partners, we are able to communicate and educate the employees of larger organizations as well as customize individual plans for clients.  Consistency in working directly with clients has been the key to building real and trusting relationships.  Together, we have worked through good and volatile times in the market, personal family successes and tragedies.  The one constant aspect has always been being there for them on a regular basis throughout our time together.

We focus on personal relationship and service.  Modern Wealth Partners was recipient of the Ted. T. Stanton 5 Star Team Award* on February 6th, 2022 based on data from the calendar year 2019. The team behind Modern Wealth Partners that supports our overall group is outstanding.  Our goal of Serve First, Last and Always, is embraced by our Customer Relations, Operations and Planning group.  My objective of having top performers across each department that shows empathy, are sincere and genuine with the people that we serve has been fundamental to our success.  Clients commit and are entrusting their entire financial future to me and our group.  We are grateful and humbled by their confidence in the planning process and financial strategies we help them to implement.  We are objective based and advice driven in all aspects of our practice.

I have many outside interest including travel and sports of all kinds.  In 2020 I remarried a wonderful woman and childhood sweetheart.  Along with a new wife, Peggy Simonin Findley, I now have six children and four grandchildren.  We spend as much time as possible with our growing family.  We have a home in Scottsdale, AZ, but plan to continue to spend a great deal of time in the Bay Area.   

I have great passion for helping people meet and exceed their life goals as well as being available for my own family.  These two primary focuses help me to have balance and to support and grow our wonderful Modern Wealth Partners team.

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*An internal award based on sales and good regulatory standing. The Ted T. Santon 5 Star Team Award recognizes one team annually within the Financial Professionals Group that exemplifies Lincoln Financial Group’s World Class Standards and provides an exceptional five-star experience to the clients they serve. Teams are reviewed by a panel of leadership judges and are evaluated on five critical components; their team (leadership, management and culture), their client experience (planning and service), overall business management and growth, marketing and advocacy, and succession contingency plans. CRN-5874459-081023